Year 9 Pupils in UK-First PSHE Programme

Posted: 13th September 2023

Pitsford School’s Year 9 pupils are among the first in the UK to embark on a flagship personal development programme from Australia – The Rite Journey.

The Rite Journey was founded in 1997 to help students navigate their journey towards becoming young adults. Since then, it’s been run in hundreds of schools across the world.  

The programme covers four themes, which help students explore their self-identity, relationships with others, beliefs and personal strengths. It aims to celebrate the transition to adulthood, offer a safe space for important conversations, and enable pupils to build self-awareness. 

Pippa Smith, Head of KS4 at Pitsford School, said: “We are proud to be one of three flagship schools in the UK launching the programme this year. We really believe in this type of holistic education and the opportunities it affords our young people. Pitsford is the ideal setting to take the students out of their traditional classroom structure and help them both challenge themselves and reflect upon the people they are and want to become. This programme is designed to help them achieve this.” 

The first session of the year-long programme saw pupils reflecting on their hopes for the future by writing letters to their 24-year-old selves. These were then handed to parents and guardians to pass to the children on their birthdays in 2034.  

Andrew Lines, founder and director of The Rite Journey, said: “Learning to be an adult in any society typically involves guidance, mentoring and a great many conversations. However, in our society today we very often see young people turning to peers, the media and the internet to source this knowledge. There has been a loss of human connection and nurturing as screens dominate adolescents’ lives in our technologically saturated world. 

“During The Rite Journey, students will have numerous conversations around what it is to be a respectful and responsible adult in our society. As these children journey through the year, we hope that the discussions they are having at school may also stimulate conversations in their own homes.” 

Headmaster Dr Craig Walker, said: “Ultimately Pitsford’s mission is to help to create happy, engaged and confident students, with the expertise and determination to become the citizens that we need for the future; the Rite Journey will help to equip them with the intangible depth and repertoire of skills that they will use and I am delighted to help Mrs Smith to deliver this exciting and pioneering programme.” 

We’re holding an Open Day on 30th September from 10.30-1pm. To book a place, please email or visit     

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