Bursaries & Scholarships

Means-tested bursaries are awarded on entry to the Senior School. These are awarded from our limited bursary fund based on financial need but also taking into account what the individual child may be able to offer the School. Usually academic potential, sporting prowess or musical talent are required to support the bursary application.

Once awarded, a bursary will usually continue until either the completion of Year 11 or the Upper Sixth assuming no change in financial circumstances and satisfactory progress is made by the pupil.

In addition, a small number of means-tested Sixth Form scholarships are available to external candidates. These are aimed at pupils currently in state education who would benefit from joining us at Pitsford. Up to four scholarships are available for talented individuals wishing to join our Sixth Form. Preference will be given to those who need most financial assistance. As a rule of thumb, applicants would fulfil at least one of the following criteria:

  • Likely to achieve at least an average of seven grade 6s in all GCSE examinations.
  • Grade 8 in a musical instrument/voice.
  • Regional representative standard in sport.

Value: Means tested up to 100% of tuition fees, excluding lunches and extras.

The Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Scholarship

This scholarship was instituted to commemorate Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother’s association with Pitsford School. This scholarship will be awarded annually to one pupil in the School, from Year 7 to Year 13, who would not otherwise be able to afford private education.

Value: Means tested up to 100% of tuition fees, excluding lunches and extras.

Keith Duckworth Scholarships

There are two Keith Duckworth Sixth Form scholarships at the School. These scholarships celebrate the life and work of Keith Duckworth, co-founder of Cosworth Engineering, who died in December 2005. Funded up to 100% by an endowment made by Mr Duckworth’s family, it is open to pupils from families of modest means who would not otherwise be able to attend an independent school.

Value: Means tested up to 100% of tuition fees, excluding lunches and extras.

If the acceptance of an offer is dependent on financial assistance, please notify the registrar when returning your registration form or within the 14 day offer period.

Year 3 Scholarships

Every child in Year 2 at Pitsford School, as well as external candidates applying for Year 3 2021, will have the opportunity to apply for one of our prestigious Scholarships which will offer a discount of up to 10% on the annual basic tuition fee. The scholarships will run from the start of Year 3 until the end of Year 6, and all applicants will be awarded scholarships with the expectation of their continued growth and commitment to their chosen field.
Children on scholarships will benefit from:

  •  Small class sizes with bespoke one-to-one attention
  •  A discount on annual school fees
  •  Opportunities to develop the talents which won them their Scholarship

(2 available)
Candidates applying for the Creative Arts Scholarship should demonstrate passion for their chosen interest and take a role in creative arts initiatives both in and outside school.
The Music Scholar will require a reference from their current school (if external) and music teacher.
The Arts Scholar will require a reference from  their current school (if external).

( 1 available)
The candidate awarded the Sports Scholarship will be expected to represent the School in matches and games (where appropriate) as well as continuing their commitments outside of school. Candidates should be at a level of either academy or club player.
The Sports Scholar will also require a reference from their current school (if external) and club / academy coach. Upon registering interest for a scholarship, candidates should submit their application form and videoed entry pieces or artwork by Tuesday 4th May 2021.

KS2 2021 Scholarship Application Form