About Us

Pitsford School is a special place: a place for children to develop into excellent scholars and caring individuals with an understanding of the world in which they live.

As a school we strive to provide opportunities for your children to develop their potential and be the best that they can be. Set in 30 beautiful acres, alongside Pitsford Reservoir, in Northamptonshire, our Junior and Senior schools share the same grounds. School buildings are surrounded by green open spaces providing immediate access for pupils, inspiring a relaxed and positive attitude to study.

Our curriculum draws on the best of the grammar school traditions of the past, makes them relevant to today’s needs and ensures that they are applicable to the demands of the future. Classes are deliberately kept small to ensure the best personal tuition and we offer a full range of academic subjects through to GCSE and A-level, achieving great results.

Pitsford School aims to educate the whole person and sets, expects and maintains high standards in all its disciplines and extra-curricular activities. Competition both in work and sport is encouraged and emphasis is placed on developing the highest personal and moral qualities.

We have well qualified and enthusiastic specialist teachers who can create a stimulating environment and who are accustomed to caring for each individual and to working with pupils who wish to excel. Successful education is a partnership where teachers and parents work together for the benefit of the pupils.