Exam Results

A Level Exam Results 2022

Class of 2022, the first to sit public examinations since the onset of the pandemic, have performed very well, securing good grades and accessing top universities and top courses, including some of the most prestigious in the country.


Pitsford’s students have done themselves proud, overcoming the worrying stories in the press of students being disadvantaged this year, and they have overcome the slings and arrows of the last two years – not least not being able to sit public examinations of any form before this summer) to get results that will take them far.


Particularly praiseworthy in the difficult context of this year and the torrid experience of some schools, almost 90% of our class of 2022 secured their first choice university – an extraordinary result. We are delighted to see our students go to a wide range of excellent institutions, including the Russell Group’s Warwick, Birmingham, Royal Holloway and Nottingham. Our most popular course destination was Business.


Special mentions go to Head Boy Thomas who will read English Literature at Warwick University having secured three A grades and Deputy Head of School Eva-Mae who will read Biology at Royal Holloway, University of London. India will be going on to read Egyptology at Swansea and we are looking forward to hearing about her course in the future!


GCSE Exam Results 2022

Pitsford School’s year 11 students for 2022 have secured superb GCSE results of which they deserve to be very proud indeed. Despite a nationwide constriction in results following two years of no examinations, the Pitsford students have outperformed expectation.


Almost 50% of all grades secured are top grades at 7-9 (which in old money is A*-A) which is an astounding achievement. The proportion of top grades across the country at grades 7-9 this year is 26.3% so Pitsford students have nearly doubled the national average. That they have done this in the midst of the immense and generation-defining disruption and trauma of the pandemic and its aftermaths is astounding and demonstrates their resilience and determination, as well as the investment of time, care and attention from their teachers.


Particularly worthy of note is that the class of 2022’s GCSE results have outperformed the school’s Centre Assessed Grades of 2020 (which is an extraordinary achievement). Over a quarter of the year group secured an average of grade of 7 or above, and Alanna S deserves especial praise for her eight 9 grades and two 8 grades. Very well done to her and very well done to everyone.