Inspection Report

Pitsford School was last inspected in February 2018. This was a compliance inspection.

The Compliance Inspection report can be accessed below.

The last full inspection was in February 2014. Here are some of the Inspection’s findings. Here is the link to the full Report on the ISI website.

Inspection Report

Compliance Inspection Report 2018

“Pupils at all stages of the school have excellent attitudes to learning. They are cooperative, eager to succeed and they listen to and support one another in class.”

“Their written work shows evidence of pride in their work. They enjoy learning and are confident to ask questions when they need assistance.”

“At all stages, lessons are well planned and paced, make good use of time and are based on a clear understanding of pupils’ needs and abilities.”

“Teachers throughout the school are well qualified, display excellent subject knowledge, especially in Years 12 and 13, and are committed to their pupils’ progress. A good variety of methods is employed by teachers to stimulate interest and enable pupil progress.”

“The pupils’ understanding of right and wrong is excellent. They have a keen sense of fair play, promoted in the junior school by the house system.”

“The curriculum is supported by a good range of extra-curricular activities in both parts of the school, including sport, music and outdoor activities.”

“Throughout the school, members of staff provide excellent support and guidance. Small class sizes in the junior school, and small tutor groups in the senior school, enable each pupil to be recognised as an individual by staff.”

“Pupils responding to the pre-inspection questionnaire overwhelmingly endorsed the statement ‘I like being at this school’.”