Extra & Co-Curricular

What happens outside the confinements of the classroom is as important as what happens in lessons in Sixth Form.  At Pitsford School we are committed to offering a rich and varied range of activities and opportunities to our senior students. The emphasis being on leadership – Sixth Formers are encouraged to run with their ideas and see them come to fruition, guided by our dedicated staff.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme is popular with our students, with many successfully completing their Gold Award. We play competitive sports across all terms and our Sixth Formers are heavily involved and take a lead in this. Our inter-house competition is thriving and keenly contested with the Sixth Form competing, coordinating and leading.

Pitsford School’s music and drama is exceptional and most students perform musically and the majority of Sixth Form play key roles in our annual musical production be it on stage, in the band or as part of the stage crew.

In addition, at Sixth Form, we have regular social events, including Pizza Nights, Film Nights, 24-hour charity fund raisers, as well as formal dinners and Balls.

The Sixth Form suite of rooms is self-managed and all members of our senior community can take a lead in how it is led, decorated and used. An annual budget is allocated and a rolling programme of student-led decoration and development is constantly in progress; each Sixth Former is expected to leave their mark on the school.