Sixth Form


The Sixth Form is exciting, diverse and full of leadership opportunities. The small size of the Sixth Form enables all students to take an active role in Sixth Form life, developing skills for the 21st Century.  

Every student has a bespoke timetable to ensure they are studying subjects they are passionate about. We offer a range of A-Levels, BTECs and the EPQ. 

Role models to our whole community, Sixth Formers are empowered at Pitsford School to actively lead the school. Senior Prefects run the duty systems and the three weekly assemblies, House Captains direct and manage their peers and the Heads of School input meaningfully to the running of the school.  All Sixth Formers at Pitsford are prefects and all take a lead.

Sixth Form study is more independent and self-directed than GCSE and at Pitsford School we provide Years 12 and 13 with suites of rooms, a Sixth Form Centre and (in Year 13) their own studies to support this learning, and increasing confidence and ownership in terms of learning.

A unique feature of the Pitsford is that  all the Sixth Formers  – not just the Senior Prefects – are given responsibility and are accountable for their actions. Sixth Formers are trained for their leadership tasks and have a large say in how they are carried out. They work in teams, with the Senior Prefects responsible for the organisation and monitoring of their team’s performance. The Senior Prefects hold additional specific areas of responsibility.

 In November each year, we hold an Information Evening, when prospective Sixth Form Pupils join our current Pupils to find out more about life in Pitsford School’s Sixth Form and the different subjects on offer. We do appreciate that choosing only three or four subjects to study in greater depth can be difficult and so subject teachers and current Sixth Formers are on hand to give help and advice.

In February, we hold a Taster Day, which enables all potential Sixth Formers to sample short lessons in A Level subjects of their choice.

If you or your child are interested in finding out more about Pitsford School’s Sixth Form, please contact the Registrar on 01604 880306 or email us at