University Guidance & Support

UCAS, University and Beyond

At Pitsford School we are proud to have an unusually broad and deep expertise in advising our students in terms of careers and university applications. We have a separate Careers Department which combines experience with being rigorously up-to-date. In addition, when appropriate we source and facilitate external support for our students to afford them a competitive advantage in what is a challenging economic landscape.

For entry into Sixth Form, the Headmaster meets with every student to discuss progress, career and university ambitions, and subject choices which can be made to support application.

Sixth form students benefit from being in small form groups where they receive personal support on a one-to-one basis from tutors with many years of experience of preparing students for university entrance or alternative career pathways.  Students will have been exploring potential careers earlier in their school career, but their earlier choices are consolidated in the Lower Sixth year.  This is done through discussions with their tutor as well as the school’s Head of Careers who is also a Sixth Form tutor.  Students who are still uncertain are encouraged to make use of KUDOS or Careerpilot, online packages, which help them to match skills and interests to potential careers.

During the Lower Sixth year, students are encouraged to further their interests in their chosen fields by attending careers experience events (both in person and virtually), visiting universities  and by organising work experience placements.  Guidance sessions are held in school to help students write CVs and apply for work experience. Preparation for university entrance is started early on with sessions looking at how to choose the right university, student finance as well as drafting personal statements. One-to-one support is also available for students considering Oxford and Cambridge.

By the time students start their university applications at the start of the Upper Sixth year, they are in the best position to put in a strong application.

For all university applications, the Headmaster writes every school reference and meets with every applicant one-to-one to support them in their application and to advise on content and strategy.

Pitsford School is very proud of its record of helping nearly every student secure their first choice university and course.