Juniors Pastoral Care

Finding their strengths

In the Junior School the first point of care comes from the class teacher. Children are taught in small groups and the class teachers are experienced in guiding them through the different developmental stages. Teachers are ably supported by a team of teaching assistants who spend time with the children in small learning groups, at lunch time and during breaks. With a well developed programme in place for PSHE and other aspects of learning that promote well being, such as nutritional meals, daily exercise and plenty of outdoor space in which to play, children at Pitsford learn to care about themselves and others. We know that happy children learn best and this is our priority for every child.

Each child is unique so we look to helping our children find what makes them special. Recognising their strengths boosts confidence and we give them plenty of encouragement and opportunity to receive praise. We are also there to support and help to find the strategies to surmount the difficulties that they will inevitably face: overcoming small challenges gives children the resilience to help tackle the bigger ones.


If you have any concerns regarding a child’s welfare, please speak in the first instance to their teacher; if the matter is more serious or sensitive or you have a concern that a child may be at risk from harm then speak to Mr Edwins who is the Designated Senior Lead for Safeguarding in the Junior School.

​The Designated Senior Lead for Safeguarding at Pitsford School is Mrs Fidelma Kirk. Additionally, we have a Deputy Designated Senior Lead: Mr Pete Edwins, Head of Juniors.

We take our responsibilities to protect our children very seriously. All staff are trained regularly in our safeguarding procedures and protocols in accordance with the national and local guidance.

Please see our Safeguarding Policy for more information.