Business Breakfast Briefing


Thank you to everyone who attended the first Business Breakfast Briefing at Pitsford School.

Below is the format for the meetings. We’ll let everyone know when the second one will be and the subject matter.


7.30am start: Fresh coffee and croissants for everyone!

Join us for an invigorating morning at the Pitsford Business Breakfast Briefing on May 9th, where you’ll connect with a community of forward-thinking parents and explore exciting opportunities. Over fresh coffee and croissants, this one-hour laser-focussed session will dive into the transformative impact of AI in the workplace, unveiling future career possibilities for our students. Discover how integrating local businesses with our school can enhance educational experiences and open new doors. Plus, learn about the school’s potential as a thriving hub for external organisations and how you can benefit from our parent referral program. Don’t miss this chance to enrich your perspective and contribute to your child’s future success!

7.20 am: Doors open, coffee and croissants available

7:30 am – 7:35 am: Welcome and Introduction by the headmaster, Dr Craig Walker

  • Outline the session’s goals: connecting students with local businesses and introducing the discussion on AI’s impact on future careers plus future meetings and referral program.

7:35 am – 7:50 am: AI and Future Employment Opportunities

  • A 15 min presentation by Entrepreneurs Circle Local Ambassador, Digital Marketing Agency Owner and 3 times TEDx speaker – Damian Mark Smyth on AI trends, their impact on various industries, and which skills students might need for future employment.

7:50 am – 8:00 am: The School-Business Connection

  • Discussion led by one of the governors on current initiatives and ideas for involving local businesses in the school’s educational programs, including internships, workshops, and career talks.

8:00 am – 8:05 am: Utilising School Facilities

  • Highlight how local businesses can use the school’s facilities for events, clubs, training, or other functions, emphasising community engagement and mutual benefits.

8:05 am – 8:25 am: Structured Networking

  • Facilitated networking session where parents and local business representatives can discuss potential partnerships, student opportunities, and the use of school facilities. This could be in a “round-robin” format to ensure everyone engages with each other.

8:25 am – 8:30 am: Wrap-Up and Next Steps

  • Conclude with a summary of key points and a call to action for parents to connect with the school on specific initiatives.
  • Encourage continued dialogue and set the stage for future engagements.

If you would like to attend, please email the office and let us know so that we can make the appropriate catering arrangements: