Last day for Upper Sixth

Posted: 11th May 2023

It’s an annual tradition that on the last for Upper Sixth before they leave for exams they execute a prank of some kind. Today we arrived into School to find ourselves magically transported to the beaches of California with Baywatch. Upper Sixth, dressed as lifeguards, greeted our cars with a water gun screen wash as we came into School and one of our sports fields has been transformed into a lovely beach! The new ‘Pitsford School Lifeguard Association’ led the Senior School assembly today and warned younger students about crocodiles and facilities in the new ‘pool’ on the field. The assembly was really funny and Upper Sixth really did themselves proud as always. The below hilarious video is what was shared in assembly and videoed all themselves.



Prank day is such a good rich tradition at Pitsford School and often Upper Sixth spend a year planning their prank and recruiting Lower Sixth students to help them set it up. Students, teachers and parents alike look forward to seeing what the prank will be each year.


In the evening Upper Sixth returned to Pitsford Hall for a formal leavers dinner. The dinner is always special and takes place in Pitsford Hall, Upper Sixth students and teaching staff enjoy three courses and many speeches are made to remember favourite moments and wish each other well. It was fantastic to hear the memories about the School from the students, some of whom have been in the School since they were in Reception! Mrs Kirk, Deputy Head said of the evening ‘If we could bottle the atmosphere and experience we would so that you could fully appreciate how special this group of students is and the relationships they have with the School’.



We shall miss you Upper Sixth, best of luck with your exams.



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