Spectacular Art Installation by Year 12 Student

Posted: 20th March 2023

We recently enjoyed a really inspiring art installation project from one of our Year 12 students. Lauretta W. created the installation named ‘The Threads of Life’ as part of her Extended Project Qualification and it really was spectacular. Lauretta is studying A Level Art and utilised those skills for this installation.

Lauretta created a huge (and very beautiful) goldfish using a willow frame covered with coloured paper and fairy lights were placed inside so it looked like a traditional Denglong lantern. The fish when completed was hung high in the library suspended by a large number of red threads. Each thread was labelled with various things that could be holding people back from achieving what they would like to in life, for instance video games, career, alcohol, family, relationships and many more besides. Senior students and staff were invited to attend the installation and to choose to cut the string with the label that they most wanted to be free of. The strings were cut one at a time and we waited with baited breath to see how long the fish took to fall from the ceiling – there was an audible gasp when the fish finally fell.

It was a really spectacular art installation and everyone was so impressed with Lauretta’s vision of the project and the skill involved in creating the fish and hanging it so artfully. Lauretta also created an accompanying pamphlet about the project and created posters to publicise the event launch.

Mrs Smith, Head of Art said: ‘The installation from start to finish has been designed by Lauretta. The Art Department was very happy to advise her on material and technical skills needed to construct the concept which was all her own and really demonstrates degree level thinking. Lauretta is the type of student who not only inspires the staff but other students watching her work. Watch this space, she will go over far in the art community’

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