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This is Pitsford School

Virtual Tour

Lockdown came just as we are heading into the best time to come and look around Pitsford School and it’s a shame that you can’t see the Wisteria in full bloom or the beautiful blossom on the trees in the Orchard, alongside a vibrant and happy school, but we will try to keep those images alive in our gallery and on social media. School life is still in full swing at Pitsford and the teachers are busy working to provide content for online classes, but if you are missing the school site itself then this will give you a little taster.

Before we locked down in March, Head Girl, Alex, took her phone and did a quick tour of the school to try and capture a little of what life is like here at Pitsford.It may not cover every subject or year group but it does help you get a feel for the school. Plus if you look at the school video below you will get to see just that little bit more…..

This is Pitsford School

Welcome to Pitsford School! We are a beautiful school for boys and girls between the ages of 3 and 18 set in thirty acres of stunning parkland around an eighteenth century country house. We place an emphasis on excellence in pastoral care believing that this creates the base upon which our students will become happy, successful and resilient adults.

Our examination grades are very good and we believe that the love of learning that we engender in our students is what drives this, and remains with them for the rest of their lives. Our facilities are superb, a mixture of beautiful old buildings repurposed into a school and state-of-the-art new buildings, most recently a magnificent Sports Centre.

Our educational policy is the best of all worlds: we cherish the best from traditional English grammar school curriculums, while introducing to that the most valuable and vital latest innovations and methods in pedagogy. Our students are polite, eloquent, confident, fun and funny. We would very much like to welcome you to our school, so please contact us for a visit and come by any time.


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