Mme M-H Conroy

Mme Conroy, a native French speaker, was born in Paris but also lived in the South of France. She is passionate about sharing her love for France, the language and the culture with Pitsford’s students. Mme Conroy has a BA (licence es lettres, Paris), a PGdip in marketing & communications (Paris Chamber of commerce) and a PGCE (Leicester University). She came to England after graduating in Paris and did her PGCE. Most of her teaching, prior to joining Pitsford, was in Leicester, teaching French in secondary schools. After the birth of her second child, she worked at Maidwell Hall for four years after which she joined Pitsford Junior school, where she has since taught.


Mme Conroy loves trekking especially in Corsica (Monte Astu recently) where some of her family live, swimming challenges (she swam 21 miles English Channel distance in a pool in 2021), pilates, powerboating and used to sail.