We see English as a core skill that brings joy in its own right and is a facilitating tool which our children will use through their whole lives. Central to our strategy is to capture our children’s interest courtesy of a range of activities which, through active and participatory learning, develop skills in speaking and listening, reading and writing and to equip them with excellent communication skills. At Pitsford Junior School we love reading, and we develop that enthusiasm for literature in our children through staff modelling their own enthusiasms, and the careful choice of reading materials which are age, and individual child, appropriate.

We work hard to make sure that all of our enjoy reading independently, can speak in front of an audience, write in different contexts for different purposes, use standard English and learn how to research information.

At every key stage we want to take children to the theatre to further equip them in their studies and to fire their enthusiasm and imagination for the limitless potential that a love of English brings.