Ethos & Mission

Pitsford School welcomes children  aged 3-18 from around Northamptonshire.  Pitsford is deliberately small, enabling each child to flourish under the guidance and support of our unique community of students, teachers and parents.

Warm, friendly, humane and human, our students and staff work together in an open, energetic and creative way. At Pitsford there is no division between the pastoral and the academic as we educate the whole child, to ensure that they are known, valued for who they are, safe and happy.

The breadth of opportunities open to all our students enables our students to have a varied and enriching educational experience.  Unashamedly committed to our students securing the best possible grades, we offer a rigorous curriculum which is designed to inspire a love of learning and equip our students to pursue the courses and careers that their talents and passions dictate. More than that, we create curious committed learners who have the knowledge and skills to excel in their studies, and the confidence, judgement and experience to embrace challenge and change.

We are relatively new and we love this: not bound by out-of-date traditions, we exist in the present, experiencing the now, authoring our own story and embracing the future, where the greatest days of the school and our students will be lived. The nurturing environment enables each child to pursue their individualism in a supportive environment – student ideas are embraced and acted upon.

Pitsford School is an exciting journey. Come and visit us to see what makes us special.