Mrs P Clark

Mrs Clark hails from Madrid and brings a wealth of expertise to the vibrant language department at Pitsford School. Ten years ago, she embarked on a journey to the United Kingdom to pursue her deep passion for teaching languages. Mrs Clark’s linguistic prowess is extensive, as she teaches Spanish, French, and specializes in English as a foreign language. With a rich background in the field of foreign language teaching and acquisition, spanning from preschool to university and corporate education, Mrs Clark has honed her skills and knowledge to inspire and engage students of all ages and backgrounds. Prior to joining Pitsford School in January 2022, Mrs Clark held prominent positions as the former Head of MFL in a secondary school as well as Managing Director of her own Private Language Academy. Currently, she is fulfilling her roles as the Head of Activities and an MFL Teacher at Pitsford School, where she takes great pleasure in guiding students on their language learning journey.