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Carving a unique path

Our pupils shape their own experience and that of the pupils who will follow them; they are a dynamic force in the school.

Whether as a School Prefect, Head of House, SSMG Representative, Peer Mentor, Musician, Sports Captain, or self appointed leader, there is no end to the opportunities at Pitsford School. Organised opportunities for leadership abound through the prefect duties system, Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award and leadership of House Events, but year after year pupils advocate their own opportunities to lead within the community and our teachers will do whatever is possible to support this.

Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award

Many of our pupils in the sixth form choose to undertake the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award. This is no small endeavour but the pupils are supported through the process to make choices to develop new skills and provide service to the community. They meet weekly with the Gold mentors. The key focus is on gaining skills and undertaking preparation for the expedition. Pupils will undertake a practice expedition under close supervision before taking the final assessed expedition. We usually go to Snowdonia and pupil must navigate their prepared route through the mountains, wild camping and maintaining total self sufficiency.

Supporting your passion

Every year pupils in our sixth form promote their own passions, goals and interests to enrich the lives of younger pupils in the school and members of the wider community. Tattva’s Tuck Shop has been a remarkable example of this, raising thousands of pounds for Elsie’s Cafe in Northampton, as part of the Real Junk Food Project, and inspiring others to do the same. This project has also been a great pastoral support to pupils in the school.

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