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Rugby U18 V Leicester Grammar

31st October 2017

On Tuesday the U18’s took on Leicester Grammar 2nd XV and completed a very competitive first half - turning around with just a narrow lead for Leicester at which point Pitsford were a little disappointed not to have been doing better and closer.

The second half was the toughest of the season, losing 3 senior players in quick succession was too much for the team to deal with. Leicester took full advantage as Pitsford battled to keep it together, in the end suffering a heavy defeat.

Thanks to a very sporting Leicester who when Pitsford went lower than 15 players with a catastrophic injury count, they lent the Pitsford side a player as well. It was one of those days, but the boys spirit was excellent to keep battling through despite the depletion. The team hope to patch up fast, get straight back on the horse as they aim to turn things around at Bloxham next week.

Man of the Match: Sam A

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