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Rugby U13A V Oakham School

27th September 2017

Pitsford U13’s travelled to Oakham School where the A XV took part in another triangular match up, while the B XV locked horns with Oakham BXV for a full game.

On arrival, the A opponents - The Kings School, Grantham and Oakham School were the first to play.

Grantham, with some large strong runners, came away as the first winners of the day - with a 25-15 victory over Oakham.

Ready for game 2, Pitsford got themselves to a point of heightened concentration and looked to focus on stopping King’s major threats which they observed in the first game.

Pitsford started the first half very brightly, playing some nice rugby and utilising the hands. Kings came back very strongly which gave Pitsford the chance to demonstrate again some really solid defence - holding out for as long as they could. Eventually the pressure tolled and Kings were able to move the ball round Pitsford and touch down to equalise the score.

HT 5-5

The introduction of Carl M and Toby C saw their first outings of the year for AXV after impressing with the BXV.

Pitsford felt confident at half time and set about a plan to execute in the second half. This seemed to work very well and the team stretched away to a 15-5 victory.

Man of the Match - Cameron E.

Next up the team played their hosts, Oakham School, who seemed revitalised and were stretching the Pitsford defence at every opportunity. Several try saving tackles kept them down to just one try. Pitsford were also able to test Oakham with some very strong rucking, producing some good ball, which unfortunately the team did not manage to capitalise on.

HT 5 - 0

Despite being one try down at half time Pitsford really felt they had an opportunity to go on and win the game - provided there was some tweaking to their approach.

Right from the start of the half Pitsford really pushed for the equaliser but the Oakham defence would hold them out and refuse our would-be scorers time and time again. With the pressure several infringements broke the fluency of Pitsford’s play and seemed to add more pressure. They couldn’t seem to add that final score.

With just two minutes to play, it looked like Pitsford were going to come away with a loss. But a spark of individual brilliance saw a fantastic break for scrum half Ned B. Just short of the line, he perfectly waited for an excellent offload which Elliott gratefully grabbed and dived over the line.


Pitsford, who just moments earlier were staring loss in the face, had a glimpse of impossibly stealing the final score to come away winners. Oakham obviously had the same level of ambition which set up an exciting and tense finish fuelling the crowd who enthralled by the action.

Both teams broke on several occasions and it took all players on the pitch the might to either stop or create these ‘would be’ chances. Eventually as Oakham took their turn to push the Pitsford line, Andrew C decided not to risk the loss and kicked the ball from the field of play to ensure Pitsford were undefeated on an excellent afternoon of Rugby.

Thank you to our hosts for their excellent hospitality and a very enjoyable afternoon.

Man of the match - Ned B.

(Both of today’s Man of the Match’s were very hard to pick as there were some fantastic performances by the entire squad and a special mention must go to Carl M who in particular played well on debut and under considerable pressure).

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