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Pitsford School ranked first in county

47% of pupils at Pitsford School scored grades AAB or higher in at least two facilitating A Level subjects as published in the Department for Education’s School and College Performance Tables on 21 January 2016. These results rank the School first in Northamptonshire and second within the East Midlands region.

The proportion of Sixth Form pupils achieving at least two A grades and one B grade at A Level in facilitating subjects is an important measure of achievement as this is the usual minimum for many of the top universities.

It is this level of achievement which enables most of Pitsford School’s pupils to go onto their first choice university. Facilitating subjects are the key academic subjects most valued by universities.

Mr Noel Toone, Headmaster, commented: “I am very proud of our pupils, and am delighted to be able to celebrate their success, not only academic, but in all aspects of their education, be it musical, sporting, public speaking or wherever their talents lie.

“My thanks are due to our teachers who give their time tirelessly in order to maximise opportunities for the pupils.”

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