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Pitsford School Junior Council

Pitsford School’s Junior Council meets weekly on Wednesdays to discuss and make plans on how to improve the school for the benefit of pupils and staff and all ideas are welcome.

The Council comprises one member from classes in KS1, together with two members from Years 3, 4, 5 and 6. This year’s representatives are:
Leonard Padde and Evie Spray - KS1
Iolo Roberts and Eva-Grace Politti - Year 3
Matthew Mason and Joshua Coleman - Year 4
Harris Chacksfield (Chairman) and Cara Roberts - Year 5
Charlie Goode (Secretary) and Darryl Phakathi (Vice Chair) - Year 6

Each class has its own ideas book in which pupils write suggestions for consideration by the Council. Currently, pupils have requested a tuck shop for pupils to buy healthy snacks after school before activities. Mrs Willmott, Head of Junior School, has approved the tuck shop on a trial basis and this will be trialled for Key Stage 2 pupils at the beginning of the Spring Term.

If the tuck shop trial is successful, pupils have requested that all profits are donated to their school charity, the Makeni Ecumenical Centre in Lusaka, affectionately known by the children as Pennies for Makeni.

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