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Les Misérables

With every night a sell out, this year’s school performance of Les Misérables was a hugely anticipated event! With three evening shows back to back in February, our pupils performed exceptionally well, with each performance as good as (if not better) that the last, with a real show stopping finalé.

We have had fantastic feedback from our audience and wanted to share one of the reviews emailed in from the public:

”...I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the truly inspirational show that you put on last night of ‘Les Miserables’. I was astounded by level of talent and vocal ability demonstrated by your students, and whilst my words are unable to express my praise to full effect, I feel compelled to make you informed of it none the less.

To the cast, you were incredible. You managed to convey such an emotional and moving story with superb skill and true art. Your voices, both individually and in harmony, were a joy to listen to and conveyed the demanding, powerful emotion needed for a show of this scale effortlessly. As a drama student myself, it was an honour to witness such a fantastic performance and I thank you for your incredible work in presenting such a wonderfully painful show with such vigour and professional attitude. I am truly in awe.

You have such fantastic talent, and I wish you all the best in your future endeavours - if you tackle them anywhere near as courageously as you did this show, then nothing will be able to stop you from achieving your dreams…”

Congratulations to all of our pupils and staff who showed so much dedication and passion to put together such a fanastic rendition of Les Misérables.

Below is a small selection of photographs from the rehearsels. Please see the gallery section of the website for further photographs.

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