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Kenilworth Castle and Coventry Cathedral trip

Year 7 pupils visited Coventry Cathedral on Wednesday 18th May, where they studied signs and symbols as part of their Religious Studies course.

The Cathedral is full of religious symbols of light and goodness overcoming evil, including, for example, a statue made out of the remains of a car crash. There is also a huge, colourful stained glass window which you can meditate on, drawing your own inspiration.

The ruins of the old Cathedral bombed in World War II have been kept to emphasise the theme of forgiveness and reconciliation.

The children then visited Kenilworth Castle and studied how the castle developed through the Middle Ages, and was used by Robert Dudley to entertain Queen Elizabeth I. Pupils looked at how the castle would have been defended when under attack.

On the way home, pupils visited Saint Augustine’s Church, which is Victorian, but in a medieval style. The pupils lit candles and prayed for Pitsford School’s exam candidates. We were lucky with the weather, as the next day was wet and inclement!

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