Going that little bit further

Posted: 7th June 2021

Little acts of kindness can make all the difference and when it came to saving 2 little hedgehogs, Sadie in J4 went that little bit further.
Back in October Sadie, in J4, found twin hedgehog babies in her garden.  It seems that they had been left by their mother who was ready to hibernate. However, these tiny little twins needed feeding and a safe home and so Sadie and her family took the Hedgehogs to the Animals in Need charity in Little Irchester to be looked after for the winter.
Not content with saving the little hoglets, Sadie felt she needed to do more and so she independently started a fund raiser to raise money for the AIN. Her initial approach was to put a poster in the window , however with her mum’s help thought she would reach more people via social media and crowd funding. Sadie managed the account (via mum’s Facebook) herself and set a target of £100. She had a huge response and raised a total of £230. This was proudly handed to AIN who were so pleased they gave her a medal.
We are incredibly proud of Sadie for displaying such kindness and consideration for both the little hedgehogs and those who looked after them. Well Done, a great achievement!
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