Running for good

Posted: 19th May 2021

At Pitsford School we have a long tradition of cross country running and the annual Pitsford Run is well preserved in the school events calendar. Whilst it might be tradition, it’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea… especially on a cold day in December. However, it is running this that has spurred on David and Archie, in year 13, to raise money for charities that are important to them.

Lockdown put so many things on hold, however running wasn’t one of them. Both David and Archie would probably never class themselves as runners, but lockdown afforded them the opportunity to try and push themselves in something new and to do it for a good cause.  Both boys have been training by doing the Pitsford Run route around school on a regular basis and now David will complete the Landmarks of London half marathon in August  for Bowel Research UK , whilst Archie is completing the London marathon in October, raising money for Children with Cancer UK !  As newcomers to running the boys have set themselves impressive targets for wonderful causes.

We are incredibly proud of the dedication they have shown and how they have pushed themselves out of their comfort zone in a difficult time to raise money and awareness for their charities.

If you want to help David and Archie meet their targets please follow the links below.

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