Green means go!

Posted: 25th September 2020

When the younger members of Pitsford School started their Eco – Club they were determined to make a difference, making Eco pledges and setting up recycling stations, they led the way to the much longed for Green Flag from Eco Schools England.

Earlier this year ( before the pandemic changed our ways of living and working) the Junior school Eco club received some very good news. After a lot of hard work by teachers and pupils alike, the Juniors were awarded the prestigious Green Flag from Eco Schools England.

Their journey started just over 12 months prior to that, when, inspired by Eco Activities happening in the Senior School, the Juniors decided that they too could make a difference. It was an exciting project that started with the setting up of the Eco Club. The enthusiastic team had to carry out an Environmental Review and choose 3 topics to work on. Waste, energy and bio-diversity were the chosen three.

As a committee they organised and helped with many events, including a wonderful Green Day launch where Eco-pledges were made, tomato plants were planted and pebbles were painted. There was even a visit from the recycling bus which helped explain lots of interesting facts about recycling. In addition to this day a Nature Club was launched and they set up a recycling centre for paper, batteries and pens, made bird feeders, took part in Waste Week and switch off fortnight. Even in lockdown the children continued to deliver on their Eco pledges with bug hotels being made, wild flowers being sewn and a lot of veggie patches being planted!


For the school achieving such a wonderful award isn’t about just working hard for a short period of time. It’s a change in the way that we think, and it was driven by the children wanting to take a positive step towards creating a sustainable future for us all. The work will be ongoing and more Eco club members will run more events, discover new topics and create new eco pledges, but all of it will harness that enthusiasm and hunger that the pupils have to make a positive impact on our world, both now and in the future.

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