Black Belt Success for Head Girl Alex

Posted: 18th November 2019

Not content with the hard work of completing A levels this year, Head girl Alex also took on a grueling three hour Karate grading on 16th Nov. The training and dedication paid dividend though and Alex was duly promoted to Nidan Black Belt (2nd degree) at East West Martial Arts.

Success like this is the result of years of hard work, Alex has been training since she was 8 years old under the Sensei Mr Nigel Davison (7th Dan Principal Instructor).

The club where Alex trains is focused on developing black belt leaders, encouraging respect and courtesy to others and developing confidence and self- esteem.The Japanese ‘Wado Ryu’ style of Karate is taught, which translated means ‘Way of Peace & Harmony’.

Great achievement Alex – we are all incredibly proud (and just a touch scared) of you!

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