Sixth Form Trip To Berlin

Posted: 31st October 2019

Pitsfordians at Large in Berlin

This half term has been a busy one, as always, and filled with culture, fun and surprising amounts of exercise! Our Sixth Formers’ trip to Berlin took place over five days in the balmy mid October sunshine: we are delighted to report that they walked over 30 miles – more, in fact, than they will do later this year when they embark on D of E Gold! However it was a little flatter, the cultural insights were far superior (sorry Mr Lewis) and the food was far preferable.

The visit followed a rigorous itinerary that may have surprised some. Here are some of the highlights: Alexanderplatz, the Tiergarten, The Pergamon, The Bundestag, Sony Centre, The Topography of Terror, Checkpoint Charlie, Holocaust Memorial, Brandenburg Gate, Friedrichstrauss, Potzdammerplatz … in no particular order…

Parents or visitors, do feel free to quiz our Sixth Form about their visit as we hope that at this momentous 30 Year anniversary of the Berlin Wall’s collapse, something of the rich significance of this visit will stay with our pupils and inform their world view moving forward. Many of them came on the trip armed with some interesting insights from their own knowledge and firm foundations from previous study of History. What, for example, is the difference between Reichstag and Bundestag? Where is Checkpoint Charlie? – ( trick question) – How did the city feel as a place? Has it left its past behind? Geographers – these questions are also for you!

But it was not all serious: Happy Birthday Siobhan! We hope you enjoyed your Doughnut cake, artfully created by the ingenuity of our Head of Sixth Form, Mrs King. And a huge thank you to Dr Walker and Mrs King for giving up their half term holiday.

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