Magnificent GCSE Results (22nd August 2019)

Posted: 22nd August 2019

The boys and girls of Pitsford School who sat GCSE this year have excelled.

While GCSE is getting harder and harder in the aftermath of the examination and marking reforms, Pitsford’s Class of 2019 have achieved the
best overall results in the school since 2011.

That they did this with an above-average number of students is even more impressive, as is the fact that the average performance per
student this year is the best since before 2010!

12% of grades achieved at Pitsford in 2019 was the much-coveted and rare ‘9’ and a fantastic forty per cent of grades were 9-7,
which is the new version of A*-A! Everyone was a star, but the astonishing performance of some of our community warrants being singled out:

Robert Carter achieved seven 9 grades and three 8 grades, Peter Smith seven 9 grades, one 8 and two 7s; which an extraordinary performance.


Toby Morrison achieved five 9 grades, two 8 grades, two seven grades, David Shortland secured three 9 grades, four 8 grades and three 7 grades, Sophia Russell secured four 9 grades, five 8 grades and two 7 grades, Christopher Leeke secured three 9 grades, three 8 grades and three 7 grades, as well as an A in additional Mathematics.

Even more pleasing, across the board we saw improved results on prediction and evidence of real value-added, which demonstrates how well our boys and girls applied themselves to the task.

Exceptional performance by them all and these results set up the next two years of A level for our students as one which we can expect to be successful and exciting. We cannot wait to get started in September. Well done to everyone in the Class of 2019 and to their devoted teachers who invested so much care and effort to support them!

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